The new standard in roofing materials, metal roofing is quickly becoming the top choice for residential and commercial buildings. Here at Mumford Sheet Metal we strive to bring you the highest quality metal roofing that’s available. We purchase our metal roofing from 3 major companies to ensure the best quality materials with a solid warranty to back it up. Everlast roofing Inc, McElroy Metal Inc, and Union Corrugating Company.

Everlast Roofing Inc: The Everdrain panel is our biggest seller with its low-profile ribs and 6’’ rib spacing gives a look that’s depictive of an older style look. Everlast also offers standing seam, PBR, and the classic panel (Everlast II) with its 9’’ rib spacing, as well as galvanized(G90) and galvalume products. See for more details.

McElroy Metal INC: Quality metal roofing offered in polyester paint(SMP) or Kynar (best for chalk and fade), as well as Galvanized(G90) and Galvalume. McElroy offers a wide array of panels for any type of application residential or commercial. Medallion series standing seam and Meridian panels are a top choice! As well as max-rib with Kynar paint finish. See for more details.

Union Corrugating Inc: The 2.5 oval corrugated panel is by far a big seller. Used for roofing, siding, or interior applications. 5-V panel is another favorite for the old-time look. Unions offers many types of panels and standing seam panels to fit any roofing project you have. See for more details.